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  • Applying for licensure
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Applying for boards:

  1. Boards application check-list:

    1. Actual application link:
  2. The residency coordinator will submit information through APBN pre-Cert (which I think must be submitted before you can apply? this was done in January 2019)
  3. You will need to create an account with physicians folio.
  4. You can apply with an educational limited license, but a full medical license must be submitted prior to taking the exam.

Type of license: 

  1. Medical doctor (full license) - State dependent. The following applies to Michigan (as of 2/11/2019)
    1. go to → Health Professional License → Medicine. Or click: Michigan medicine license
    2. Then click Application for Medical Doctor License (Online) (MDs ONLY) and log in
    3. Complete the initial application, including payment.  Below is a screen shot from the first page of the initial application
    4. LARA will also request: 
      1. Certification of medical education (you request this from your medical school and it is sent directly by the medical school, not you)
      2. Certification of postgraduate training (you request this from Laura and it is sent directly by the residency, not you)
      3. Test scores from STEP 1-3 (you pay $70 to release these scores from FSMB (federation of state medical boards) and click exam transcript)
    5. Fingerprinting should not need to be repeated as long as your educational limited license is still active

  2. Controlled substance (CS) license - application completed as a part of the full license, see above.

  3. DEA


    2. "It is mandatory to provide State medical and/or controlled substance licenses/registrations. Failure to provide VALID and ACTIVE state licenses will be cause to declare the application as defective and it will be withdrawn WITHOUT refund."

    3. Non-refundable $731 payment for 3 year license

    4. "You must currently have a full state license in the state where you will register. A “temporary,” “training,” or “pro bono” license may be acceptable if that type of license represents full state authorization to handle controlled substances (i.e., administer, dispense, and prescribe). It is recommended you contact the local Registration Program Specialist for clarification on state law/regulations before you complete the application. A LACK OF STATE AUTHORIZATION DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO A RETURN OF THE APPLICATION FEE."

    5. "You must currently possess all required state authority to handle controlled substances for the state of your registered business/office address. Some states require a separate controlled substances license in addition to a medical, dental, or veterinary license. If you do not currently possess these credentials, do not apply until all state requirements are fulfilled."

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