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  • CPRS - Selecting the Correct Encounter
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Encounters at the VA

  • In the VA world, an encounter is the way CPRS marks that a provider (or providers) and a patient have come into contact with each other.
  • An encounter needs to be created or chosen before writing a note.
  • Once an encounter has been created or chosen, then the note and encounter form (i.e the billing form) can be connected in CPRS.
  • Think of the encounter as the time stamp for any interaction with a patient; it functions to associate your note and encounter form with a specific date and time which you interacted with the patient.

BEFORE starting a note for an inpatient or ED consult, click on the provider box (second box from the left).

(click on the image for a larger view)

The provider box may or may not have a visit selected. If the patient is on an inpatient service (such as medicine), the provider box will list their physical location like this:

(click on the image for a larger view)

The encounter type will be determined by the patient's location and service. Use the chart below to determine what type of encounter to choose.

Patient Location/Service


(click on the image for a larger view)

ER / Urgent Care

  • NEVER choose the ER/URGENT CARE visit itself. That is the encounter between the patient and the ER, not neurology!
  • You need to create a neurology encounter to capture the visit between the patient and neurology.
    1. Click on the "New Visit" tab.
    2. Type in "AA NEUROLOGY".
    3. Select "NEUROLOGY/NEW" from the list.
    4. Click "OK".

Inpatients on other services (i.e. inpatient consults)

  1. Go to the "New Visit" tab and type in "AA NEUROLOGY".
  2. Select "NEUROLOGY=INPATIENT" from the list.
  3. Click "OK".

Telephone calls from patients (residents/attendings only)

  1. Go to the "New Visit" tab.
  3. Select "AA TELEPHONE-NEUROLOGY" from the list.
  4. Click "OK".

Once an encounter is selected, the provider box will no longer say "visit not selected", but will show the encounter location and provider.

If the patient is a neurology patient, and the note will be a progress note, then then provider box should list just the location. For example, a patient admitted to 5 West Neurology would look like this:

(click on the image for a larger view)

All other notes including consults in urgent care, the ER, or patients on other services should have a provider/location box that represents a neurology vist, NOT their physical location on the primary service.

(click on the image for a larger view)

Encounter Selected?

Once an encounter is selected, it's time to select the correct note title.

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