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Making each day's clinic list, all neurology inpatients, and your personal list appear whenever you "Select New Patient"

  1. Click "Tools" from the menu at the top of the main CPRS menu.
  2. Click "Options" at the bottom of the dropdown list. The options window will open.
  3. Go to the "Lists/Teams" tab and click on "Source Combinations"
  4. In the "Select source by" box, choose "Clinic".
  5. In the "Clinic:" box, find the following lists and click "Add" for each:
    1. Neurology/Follow-Up Fri(nu)
    2. Neurology/Follow-Up Mon(nu)
    3. Neurology/Follow-Up Thur(nu)
    4. Neurology/Follow-Up Tues(nu)
    5. Neurology/MS/Fu (nu)
    6. Neurology/New(nu)
    7. Neurology=inpatient
  6. Go back to the "Select source by" box, and change the selection from "Clinic" to "Specialty".
  7. In the "Specialty:" box, find the following lists and click "Add" for each:
    1. Neurology
    2. Neurology Observation
  8. If you have any personal lists and want these to appear automatically whenever you "Select New Patient", do the following:
    1. In the "Select source by" box, choose "List", find your personal list name in the "List:" box, and click "Add".
  9. Click "Ok" to return to the Lists/Teams tab on the Options window.
  10. Click "Patient selection defaluts".
  11. In the "List Source" box, select "Combination".
  12. Click "Ok" in each menu to return to the main CPRS pages.

You should be back in the main portion of CPRS. Now when you choose "Select New Patient" from the "File" drop down menu, above the cutoff line you will see a list of all of your personal list patients, all inpatient neurology patients, and the patients in clinic that day.

Creating Personal Lists in CPRS


Creating personal lists causes notifications for all patients on all of your lists to appear in your notifications box. Unless you can keep up with processing all the notifications, don't create lists, especially long lists. The medical documentation comittee will come after you when you have hundreds of unprocessed notifications.

Getting to the "List/Teams" area
  1. Open CPRS.
  2. Choose a patient. It does not matter which patient.
  3. Select "Tools" from the top bar.
  4. Select "Options" at the bottom of the Tools list.
  5. Select the "Lists/Teams" tab.

Creating your personal patient list
  1. Click "Personal Lists". If you have never created a personal list, CPRS will show a little warning box telling you that you don't have any personal lists, just click "OK" to bypass the warning box.
  2. Click "New List" to create your own personal list.
  3. A "New Personal List" box will open.
  4. Enter the name of your new personal list.
  5. Select "Myself only" if you want your list limited to yourself. Select "All CPRS users" if you want it open to others.
  6. Click "Ok".

Adding a patient to your personal list
  1. Go to the "List/Teams" tab.
  2. Click on "Personal Lists"
  3. Search for a patient in one of the following ways:
  4. Choose "Patient" from the "Select patients by" box and search in the "Patient:" box for a patient by the first letter of the last name and last four (e.g. A1234).
  5. Choose "Ward" from the "Select patients by" box and pick the ward where the patient is.
  6. Click on the patient's name in the "Patient's to add:" box.
  7. Click "Add".

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