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The clinic rotation consists of outpatient subspecialty clinics. 9 half day clinics per week with Wednesday morning protected for conferences. Basically, an 8-5 job, although its not uncommon to run a bit late in the evening. Weekends are off and all calls go to the resident on call from 5 pm to 8 am, so make sure things are tidy or your classmates may be dealing with your oversights.

Mixed Clinic Rotation Schedule


AM Clinic

PM Clinic


 Protected Half Day

Genetics - 1st and 2nd Monday (Taubman) 
Continuity Clinic - 3rd and 4th Monday (Taubman)

Continuity Clinic (Peds residents all Mondays)


Movement Disorders (East Ann Arbor)

Cognitive Disorders (East Ann Arbor)


No Clinic
(Patient Conference / Grand Rounds )

Neuro-oncology (Cancer Center, 1st floor)


*Stroke (CVC, 3rd floor)

*Sleep (MedInn, 7th floor)


Epilepsy (Taubman) or
Group Home Epilepsy (Taubman)

MS (Taubman) 1st 2 Fridays of month, Ataxia (East AA) 2nd 2 Fridays of month

Note: due to limited availability there may not always be an MS provider available to staff 1st and 2nd Friday afternoon in which case there will be no patients scheduled and you will have the half day off to read or catch up on notes

*Please introduce yourself to the medical assistants when you arrive so they can page you when your patient's arrive.

Overall Continuity Clinic Time Summary

Who is Staffing General Clinic?

Who should I contact to help with changing my clinic schedule or adding on a patient?

  •  Email Sennettra Gilliam and LaShawn Lafleur

What/Where is East Ann Arbor?

  • Pack a lunch when you go to East Ann Arbor.
  • Parking is free, but try to park in either:
    • the front lot farthest from the doors so that patients can park close in or
    • the lot behind the building 

How do I view/create my schedule?

1. Search in one of the following clinics (see above weekly schedule to know which clinic to search):

  • TC NEUROLOGY CLINIC (Taubman) for Epilepsy, Group Home Epilepsy, Ataxia, and Continuity Clinic
  • EAA GERIATRIC NEURO (East Ann Arbor) for Cognitive Disorders, Movement Disorders, and Genetics Clinic
  • CVC NEUROLOGY CLINIC (Cardiovascular Center) for Stroke Clinic
  • MI SLEEP CLINIC (Med Inn) for Sleep Clinic
  • CC NEUROLOGY ONC (Cancer Center) for Neuro-Oncology Clinic

2. Then select the day you are going to be in that clinic (see above calendar)

3. Then select the Resident choice listed under the providers seeing patients in that clinic as follows:

  • Ataxia Clinic: TC NEU ATAXIA 01
  • Movement and Cognitive Clinic: EAA GERNEU RESIDENT 01
  • Neuro-Oncology Clinic: Find JUNCK, LARRY RICHARD and in the Notes section, look for **RESIDENT CLINIC**
  • Stroke Clinic: CVC NEURO RESIDENT 01
  • Sleep Clinic: MI NEUSLEEP RESIDENT 01
  • Genetics Clinic: TC NEU GENETICS RESIDENT 01

A note about changing the provider in the clinic schedule:

After you see your patient, you should change the provider under which the patient is scheduled - this is a nuance required of MiChart. On the schedule tab where the patient appointment time is listed, click the button above that says "Change Prov" and enter in your own name. Do this ONLY after you have physically seen the patient in clinic - if it is done prematurely (i.e. the evening before because you're trying to consolidate your schedule) the clinic schedulers will think that the clinic is not filled, and they will refill the generic provider resource with more patients.