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Articles related to patients and discussions during rounds. Loosely organized by date. Feel free to add yours to the list

26 March 2019

ICH and hematological Malignancies


Leukostasis and AML

Cranial nerve III nucleus anatomy

Review of CNS Vascullitis (not just Primary)

Intravascular Lymphoma (mostly affects brain and skin)

27 March 2019

Antiphospholipid Syndrome - APLS article 

Intravascular Lymphoma

28 March 2019

More on vasculitis imaging

Radiographics of Vasculitis

Arterial Wall Imaging (high resolution)

More on High Resolution Vessel Wall Imaging

And for something totally different:

Safron and ADHD

Pyridostigmine Treatment Trial in Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension

29 March 2019

Review article on acute treatment of migraines: Gelfand et al. The Neurohospitalist 2(2) 51-59

24 May 2019

Car T Neurotoxicity:

Endothelial Activation in Car T


Neurotoxicity review 2018

Blood Brain Barrier disruption in CAR T

Institutional CAR T NeuroTox Guidelines

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