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Taubman Clinic (Dr. Teener)

UH South EMG (Dr. Teener)


Taubman Clinic (Dr. Feldman or Gallagher)

UH South EMG (Dr. Feldman or Gallagher)


7:15 - Introductory EMG Conference, DeJong Library, 1912 TC 
  8:00 - Neuromuscular Fellow Conference, DeJong Library, 1912 TC 
  9:00 - (1st and 3rd Weds) Neuromuscular Pathology/EMG Conference with Drs. McKeever, Ferris, Camelo-Piragua, UH South F2556 / zoom
  9:30 - Patient Conference, Danto Auditorium, CVC
11:00 - Grand Rounds, Danto Auditorium, CVC

UH South EMG (Dr. London or Dr. Nowacek)


UH South Clinic + EMG - Dr. Little / 4th Thursday of month - Dr. Callaghan



UH South EMG (Dr. Teener or Stino)

General Neurology Continuity Clinic

  • No weekend responsibilities


  • Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and Thursday afternoon clinics are in the Taubman Center
  • Thursday morning clinic is in the EMG Lab (UH South)
  • Of note, when staffing with Dr. Feldman: 1) Guys, wear a tie for every clinic. 2) Have every NEW patient strip to underwear and gown up. 3) She will have you staff the case for her in front of the patient.

2) EMG:

  • The first month in EMG lab is spent learning nerve conduction study set-up & needle EMG basics. If you are motivated, you can progress quickly. Please see Dr. Gallagher to go review basic EMG wave forms within the 1st 1-2 weeks.
    • After ~5 lab days, you will have a test on setting up common nerve conduction studies
    • After another few days, you will have a test on basic machine settings and normal lab values
    • You should take a video waveform recognition test and written multiple choice test by the 3rd / 4th week.   
  • Months 2 & 3: Perform electrodiagnostic evaluations with supervision. 
  • Perform a brief history and a focused neuro exam for each EMG study (but with FULL motor, sensory, and reflex exams).
  • Keep a log of your EMGs if you are interested in doing EMG in your future practice.

What to study

NCS and Electrodiagnostic Testing

 Additional suggested reading:

  • "Electromyography and neuromuscular disorders: clinical-electrophysiologic correlations" by Preston and Shapiro. FYI, if you buy Preston and Shapiro, online access with videos are excellent for EMG skills.
  • EMG Whiz ( - An interactive EMG simulator by Zach London. Username and password available in EMG lab. Email Zach if you can't figure out how to log on.
  • Sandra Hearn, one the PM&R attendings, has an educational website which covers a lot of important material.

See the Neuromuscular page for information on the clinic selective, neuromuscular landmark articles and neuromuscular fellowship information

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