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See AAN's resource for fellowship information:

See also "How to Apply:"

  • From the above link regarding when to apply: "Check program websites for vacancies and requirements for the application process. Make contact with programs toward the end of your PGY2 year, and no later than October/November of your PGY3 year. Look on the AAN Fellowships Page, individual program websites, such as FREIDA and other websites. Remember, since fellowship positions and availability are constantly changing, do not rely on information on these sites alone. Always contact the program you are interested in."


Cognitive / Behavioral

  • UCNS accreditation or non-accredited
  • 1 year, or more for research

Epilepsy / EEG

  • ACGME accreditation
  • 1-2 years for adult epilepsy fellows and 1 year for pediatric epilepsy fellows, or longer
  • Internal Resource: EPILEPSY FELLOWSHIP

Headache Medicine

Movement Disorders

Neurocritical Care

Neuro-Infectious Disease

  • non-ACGME or UCNS
  • 1-2 years


  • UCNS accreditation
  • 1 year

Neuroimmunology / Multiple Sclerosis

  • non-ACGME or UCNS
  • 1 year, can be 2-3 years
  • Applications: July - September(PGY-3)
  • Interviews: November - March (PGY-3)
  • No match; rolling acceptance based on position

Neuromuscular / EMG

  • ACGME accreditation; no match
  • 1 year, or more for research
  • Applications: March PGY-3 (delayed from usual Sept PGY3 year)
  • The AANEM is building an application portal for submitting materials. It will also coordinate offers. This doesn’t exist yet, but will by time this year’s PGY3s apply.




Sleep Medicine

Sports Neurology

  • non-ACGME or UCNS
  • 1-2 years

Vascular Neurology / Stroke

  • ACGME accreditation; NRMP Match (ERAS)
  • 1 year, or more for research
  • Application Opens: November (PGY-3)
  • Interviews: December - April (PGY-3)
  • Match: May (PGY-3)

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