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  • Inpatient Neuroradiology Conference
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The resident on EEG will be responsible for coordinating the biweekly neuroradiology conference:

  1. There are now shared lists in MiChart (Neurorads - New Cases and Neurorads - Completed Cases). All residents can upload patients and use the "MyStickyNote" tool to add their one-liner.
  2. Collect a list of interesting cases and pick 3-4 to review at conference. The cases should ideally be a mix of cases, some with established diagnoses (better learning and more satisfying), and some that are mystery diagnoses (helpful for patients and inpatient teams).
  3. Make a short powerpoint presentation that includes the pertinent information for each case (eg how they presented, LP results, which scans you'd like to look through)
  4. Email cases to Drs. Moritani, Kim, and Capizzano:,,, as well as the neuroradiology fellows ( Hasbrook, Connor; Jafri, Syed; Jeranko, Chelsea; Morales Chevres, Edgar Paul; Yaldoo, Bronson; Josifoski, Dean)  at least 2 days before the conference.
  5. Just prior to conference, email the all residents list and all faculty to remind them of the conference. Can include short descriptions of the cases that do not give away the diagnoses. 
  6. Don't worry if you can't go to conference. Just make sure Dr. McDermott or Dr. Berthaud gets the list of cases and can fill in for you.
  7. Once conference is over, move the cases presented that week from the "New Cases" list in MiChart to the "Completed Cases" section so that there is a running bank of completed presentations.
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