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  • Movement Disorders
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Neurodegenerative Clinic Rotation - Schedule

AMBotox /TC (Praveen/Wyant)
3rd Monday = Wilson's (Lorincz)
4th Monday = NPH (Kotagal)
Movement/EAA (Albin)Conferences

Movement/Brighton (Spears - 1st & 3rd Thursday)

Movement/EAA (Dayalu - 2nd & 4th Thursday)

Movement/EAA (Chou)No clinical duties*
PMWellnessMovement/WAA (Wyant)Continuity ClinicAtaxia/EAANo clinical duties*

* May be scheduled for random nights or jeopardy

  • Most clinic half


Ataxia Physical Therapy handouts



Consent form for video-taping (have staff scan into MiChart afterwards)

Deep Brain Stimulation  

Deep Brain Stimulation - Procedure Precautions



Essential Tremor  

Huntington's Disease

 Movement Disorder Emergencies


 - Myoclonus Powerpoint (made by Matt Ebright, 2015)

 Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

parkinsons disease  

Parkinson's Plus syndromes  

 Paroxysmal movement disorders

Pivotal Movement Disorder Papers  

Psychogenic/functional Movement Disorders

Restless Leg Syndrome and Hemifacial Spasm

Specific ROS and exam highlights for Movement patients  

Stiff Person Syndrome

Tardive dyskinesia and akathesia

Tics and Tourettes

Wilson's disease  

 Rating scales:

 MDS-UPDRS  (Parkinson's)

SARA score (Ataxia)


UHDRS (Huntington's)


Movement disorders is currently not an ACGME-accredited fellowship and therefore not done through ERAS. However, many institutions will implement the SF Match ( for matching (though not every institution does this, so you have to look it up). 


  • Applications: Spring (typically May 15th for SF Match)
  • Interviews: Summer (May - August)
  • Match: Fall (September 15 for SF Match)

R25 Recipients: You are considered an external candidate due to your supplemental funding and therefore do NOT have to participate in the SF match (though individual institutions may ask you to do so). However, it is in your best interest to follow the above timeline so that institutions know about your application to keep a "spot" open for you - they will still need to consider your clinical training and coordinate space for you in clinic as well as to pair you with a research mentor.

Recent Fellows:

Graduate 2018: Kara Wyant, Andrew Ridder

Graduating 2020: Ben Stewart, Eric Jackowiak

Graduating 2021: Jason Chua, Jennifer Arnold (cognitive co-fellow)

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