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The pediatric neurology residents do a required neuropath rotation. Here is general info:

Administrative contacts are Laurie Chopko ( at 734-936-1889, or Shirley Andrews at and 734-647-9125. 

Weekly conferences:

Day of week






Neuropath consensus conference

Rm. 4242 MSRB I (Emeritus suite)



Brain cutting conference

UH B2H-245A (morgue). Ring doorbell for entry.



Muscle pathology conference

UH 2G-335 (conference room in the back of the path office area near the labs in UH)



Neuropath consensus conference

Rm. 4242 MSRB I (Emeritus suite)



Brain tumor board

Neurosurg offices on 3rd floor of taubman center, conference room in back, Rm 3898

The path resident might page you when they have frozen sections to review from surgical cases. Don't feel obliged to go if you are busy. You can meet them in "Room 1" which is 1st floor UH, go to the OR front desk, and just past it, on the right, there is the path room, which they call "Room 1."

Frozens for Mott cases are done on the 4th floor of Mott.

The consensus conferences often get pushed back to a later time.

In the afternoons they do "signout" which is basically the resident staffing the cases with the attendings. This is some time between 2 and 3:30 usually and can take 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on how many cases there are.

For reading, you can look at Ellison and Love

Here's another online source. Not sure how good it is:

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