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  • The Nightfloat Senior week is from Saturday through Thursday. Friday night is the night off 
  • Nightfloat Senior will begin at 8PM; Nightfloat junior should see and take care of ALL consults received prior to 8PM. Sign out the Consult and NICU pager to you, and grab a Stroke pager.
  • The Night Senior resident is on from 8PM to 8AM, and will assist with cross-cover the neurology inpatients and see new ED or inpatient consults, stroke pages, and transfers overnight, and handle any admissions. New consults and strokes can be triaged to the Nightfloat junior at the discretion of the Nightfloat team.
  • Typically, non-emergent consults coming in after 7:30AM can be passed onto the day team, per night float discretion.  The workload is highly variable.  Typically there will be 3-5 new consults, but can range from 0 (occasionally) to >10 (extremely rarely) .
  • New consults are staffed with the attending from either Team A or Team C depending on the night (the paging system has the attending listed). 
  • If a patient is potentially being admitted to the NICU, you must first get approval from the neurointensivist on-call, and the NICU neurosurgery resident. Also talk to the 4D charge nurse. In that case, discuss the case with both on-call neuro attending AND the neurointensivist, and discuss with them who the admit note should be sent to.
  • The following morning, the nightfloat resident presents new patients to the admitting team.  Typically, they leave around 9AM.
  •  Friday night will be covered by a resident from the Random Coverage Schedule so the nighfloat senior can have their night offl.

***When you are on Nightfloat, be sure to activate your "out of office" message in your notification box in Michart. In the Message state:  Nightfloat. Forward urgent messages to attending.  Anything that is not urgent should be attempted to be returned in a timely fashion.  You can forward the messages back to the nurses if you don't get in touch with the patient stating you are on nightfloat, and attendings should be contacted during the daytime if there are urgent questions. Also put a message on your Taubman resident room mailbox.  See the Vacation page for specific instructions how to change your "Out of Office" message. Also, you will not have continuity clinic during this period. 

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