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Residents are eligible to pay for blue parking passes, which allow access to multiple garages and lots on the medical, north, and central campuses. For a list of common parking structures around the medical campus, click here, and for a full parking maps or transportation logistics, click here.

P3 Parking

We are apportioned a number of 24/7 access parking spots per the current HOA contract with the University in P3, which will be distributed each year by resident appointed as the parking coordinator (2020-2021 parking tsar is Lisa Stropp These will preferentially be assigned to residents on inpatient services or stroke coverage at the University Hospital (i.e. consults, wards, NICU, Mixed clinic, pediatrics)

This lot is otherwise open to all house officers after 4 pm with exit by 9 am the next morning, as well as on weekends. If you stay past 9 am you will not be able to exit the lot. House officers parking in P3 should park in a "Blue Parking Program" spot. If there are not "Blue Parking Program" spots available, park in a a patient/visitor spot in P3. House officers are not supposed to park in spots marked with red "COPH permit required" spots. If the signs say "Blue and COPH Parking Programs", parking there is acceptable. 

Of note, Nighfloat Senior and Junior (and random night coverage residents) will not be given 24/7 P3 access, but are still able to use P3, provided they enter after 4PM and leave prior to 9AM. As Nightfloat senior shifts can sometimes extend past 9AM, parking in other structures (such as P1) may be prudent.

Non-P3 Parking

If a resident does not have P3 parking and needs to park between 9AM - 4PM, then other parking structures must be used, such as Wall St, Glen, Catherine, Ann, or P1/P4

(in order of when spots are generally available)
("FULL" signs may be intermittently working, and are often incorrect.)

  • P4 (aka Simpson Circle Drive Structure OR Mott Structure)
    • Accessed from East Medical Center Drive between old Mott hospital and Markley Dormitory.
    • Spots usually available until 6:30 AM.
  • P1 (aka North Entrance Structure OR Cancer Center Structure)
    • 1st driveway on the right when coming up East Medical Center Drive from Fuller.
    • Spots usually available until about 7:00 AM.
  • The "Pit".
    • A surface lot accessed by turning at the first left when coming up East Medical Center Drive from Fuller.
    • Spots usually available until about 7:15 AM.
  • Washington Heights surface lot.
    • Located beside the Ronald McDonald House across from the Markley Dormitory.
    • Spots usually available until 7:15 AM.
  • Ann Street Structure AND Catherine Street Structure.
    • Two parking garages connected at the ground level and at the top level.
    • Accessible from either Ann or Catherine Streets.
    • Located between the Biomedical Research Building, Taubman Medical Library and Angelo's.
    • Spots usually available until about 7:45 AM.
    • Walking time to the UMHS cafeteria: 15-20 minutes if walking slowly, 10-15 minutes if walking quickly.
  • Palmer Drive Parking Structure
    • Spots usually available until about 9:00 AM.
  • Glen Avenue Structure (aka North Ingalls Building (NIB) Structure)
    • Northwest corner of Fuller (aka Glen Avenue) and Catherine.
    • Spots usually available until about 9:15 AM.
    • Walking time to the UMHS cafeteria: 25-30 minutes if walking slowly, 10-15 minutes if walking quickly.

VA Parking

Parking at the VA is in lot NC5, NC8, or NC43, which are on the north side of Fuller street across from the T9 modular building.

Parking in the ED Parking lot is not allowed and could result in a ticket and fine.

Programs in which trainees have weekend/night duties (like us) have been provided with shared parking passes (should be available in the VA Neurology team room) for parking in the West Parking Structure during off hours (weekdays ~2 – 7 AM and all day on weekends; gate will be up). Parking in this structure without a pass can also result in a ticket. Trainees should never park in the Patient Parking Structure, even if gate is up. 

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