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If you are on a Sleep rotation elective, be sure to check in at the front desk and provide them with your pager number to allow the MAs to notify you when your patients are ready.

Guide to the Sleep Examination : A cheat sheet to use in sleep clinic. Look up Mallampati scores before you do your exam. Up to Date has a nice picture to help guide the scoring.

 Sleep clinic visit interview cheat-sheet

The Best Sleep Note Ever

Order form for sleep supplies : This form is what you fax to the medical supply company

U of M Sleep Disorders Center : Multiple resources and forms including...

  • Referral form for sleep studies
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • The International Classification of Sleep Disorders Classification Outline
  • The International Classification of Sleep Disorders 2005
  • Light Therapy
  • Mallampati Classifications
  • Measure Obesity chart
  • National Sleep Foundation:
    • "Sleep in America" Polls 2005, Segments
    • "Sleep in America" Polls 2004
    • "Sleep in America" Polls 2003
    • "Sleep in America" Polls 2002
  • Body Mass Calculator (Cornell University)
  • Saline Nasal Irrigations Instruction Sheet
  • Sleep Lab Code Sheet (excel)
  • Sleep Tips for Successful Sleep
  • Sleepiness and Safety
  • Sleep Diary
  • Sleep Log
  • UMHS Clinical Care Guidelines: Allergic Rhinitis
  • Xyrem Prescription Forms
    • Prescription and Enrollment form
    • Physician's Certificate of Medical Need
    • Patient Success Program Verification Fax
  • Sleep Disorder Center: Educational Resources
  • Sleep CME Course
  • Seminars in Neurology Issue 3 Introduction to Sleep and Its Disorders Volume 24 Sep 2004
  • Seminars in Neurology Issue 1 Sleep in Neurological Practice Volume 25 March 2005

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