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Rotation Director: Dr. Darin Zahuranec

Clinic days: Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM; Tuesday afternoons, weekends, and holidays are off

Rotation components: 

  • Clinic attendance
  • Wednesday conference attendance
    • Multidisciplinary Neurovascular Conference, 7:00AM, UH B1 F230 (located in the NeuroIR suite; same area to go during IA cases)
    • Patient conference and Grand Rounds (Danto Auditorium)
  • Days off: Tuesday PM, weekends, holidays
  • Resident continuity clinic: Tuesday AM
  • Reading list (attached below)
  • Exam: available on Medhub; notify Nina by email if not yet received
    • to be completed during Week 1
    • results discussed during Week 2

The Stroke Clinic Selective is a 2-week rotation, during which residents will evaluate and manage stroke patients in the outpatient setting. Residents rotate through the Stroke Clinic in the CVC, PM&R Neurorehabilitation, Neurosurgery, Neurointerventional Radiology, and Bridge Clinic with Dr. Levine (for patients who need management of more complex or multiple medical comobidities). Typically, patients are seen for clinic follow-up after hospitalization for stroke or TIA, at which time the final results of their stroke workup are reviewed (usually, the last piece that was pending is their ACT monitor) and any medication adjustments if needed. Residents will also see a variety of other cerebrovascular disorders, including unruptured intracranial aneurysms, hemorrhagic strokes, vascular malformations, cerebral venous thromboses, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, familial arteriopathies, among others. These are supplemented with review of additional (and more complex) cases by the multidisciplinary neurovascular board on Wednesday mornings.

The general schedule is outlined below, with the clinic list in italics. The choice of Monday clinic (resident preference) should be discussed with the rotation director before the rotation starts. Due to alternating between attendings on Thursdays and Fridays, it is advised to page or email the scheduled attendings ahead of time to clarify which attending is seeing patients with the MA and which attending is with the resident. 


Description, Objectives, and Reading List

Neurovascular Rating Scales:


Stroke Selective Clinic Schedule:


Alternates among:

PM&R Neurorehab Clinic, Briarwood

Attending: Claflin

Dept: "BW04 PMR"


Neurosurgery Clinic

Attending: Pandey

Dept: "TC Neurosurg"


Stroke Clinic

Attending: Skolarus

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"

Stroke Clinic

Attendings: Zahuranec, Murali, or Berthaud

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"

TuesdayContinuity Clinic

Reading time


Neurovascular Conference

7:00AM, B1 F230

Wednesday morning conferences

(Patient conference and Grand Rounds)

NeuroIR Clinic

Attending: Gemmete



Stroke Bridge Clinic

Attending: Levine

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"

Stroke Clinic

Attending: McDermott

Dept: "CVC Neuro Resident 02" or "CVC Neurology Clinic"

(note: if you are seeing patients as Neuro Resident 02, after the patient arrives remember to right-click their name and select "Change provider to me")


Stroke Clinic

Attendings: Morgenstern, McDermott, or Carrera

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"

Stroke Clinic

Attendings: Zahuranec or Carrera

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"


Urgent Add-on Clinic

Attending: McDermott

Dept: "CVC Neurology Clinic"

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