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Me, Myself and Ipad2 - Tips for getting the most out of your iPad.

How to set up your email

  1. Select "Settings" on your iPad
  2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Select "Exchange"
  4. Select "Account"
  5. Enter email as
  6. Enter server as
  7. Enter Domain as UMHS
  8. Enter username as your umich username
  9. Enter your Password

How to access the internet at UMHS

  1. Select "Settings" on your ipad
  2. Select "Wi-Fi"
  3. Select UMHS P8021X
  4. Log on with your umich username and password

How to access Careweb from your iPad 

  • To access Careweb outside the UMHS wireless network, use: VPN - AnyConnect App for iOS
  • Using Safari, type "" into the web address.
  • If you can't scroll to see text you need to see (ie: lab section of careweb or editing your dictations), use 2 fingers to scroll instead of 1.

How to access MiChart from your IPAD:


Useful Apps


  • Brain MRI Atlas (free) - Program with 32 axial slices of the brain. Labels Vessels, Ventricles, Deep Brain, Cerebellum, Gyri, Sulci and Nerves.
  • Neurology - The Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology (Free) - Free Downloads of the latest Green Journal issues.
Medical Calculators
  • Calculate (Medical Calculator) by QxMD (Free) - Useful equations from a variety of different medical fields. Allows you to add to a Favorites Folder. Neurology calculations include ABCD2, a pneumonic for blood on MRI, CHADS2 score, Epworth sleepiness scale, ICH volume, Hunt & Hess, etc.
Medical References
  • Medscape
  • Micromedex (free)
  • Epocrates (v 4.0 for IOS 10/27)
  • Stroke Tracker designed by Jim Burke. Has an NIHSS and acute stroke outcome predictor.
  • NerveWhiz (free) - Designed by Zach. Features Nerve and muscle charts, Nerve Diagrams, Sensory localizer, and a Muscle localizer (select weak muscles to see possible localizations)
PDF / Book Readers / File Storage
  • iBooks (free) - Made by Apple. Your iBooks library can house books and pdf files. Can create folders to separate PDFs into categories. Searchable.
  • Goodreader ($4.99) - Robust PDF reader. Can read books, PDFs, Word documents, powerpoint documents, maps, etc. Annotate, highlight, insert text boxes and freehand draw. Has a web browser that can download the pdf if you type in the direct address. Manage PDFs by placing into folders. Searchable by key word. Is not connected to pubmed or other search engines. Can transfer files to Goodreader by usb from computer, while viewing on safari or from email attachments. You can also sync this with cloud services like DropBox which is very handy.
  • Papers ($14.99) - One of the top ranked readers available. Can import documents from dropbox or iDisk, your home computer, or direct from publishers. Has 8 built-in search engines (including PubMed) to directly search and import PDFs into your collection. Can highlight and annotate files.
    • To access pubmed from home and access PDF's without paying for them, follow the instructions on this link:
    • Note: In order to pull in info on the author, journal, etc, you must go through "papers" app to search pubmed.  If you import a pdf from elsewhere, there is no way to self populate this information for you and you must type in the journal article title etc manually.  
  • Dropbox (free) - Sign up for a free account and use up to 2 GB for storage.  They make free apps for Windows, Mac, iphone, and ipad.  This is an easy "cloud" storage.
  • Kindle App (free) - Use this app to download many neurology textbooks to your ipad.  Books can be purchased through  Examples include: Adams and Victors, Pocket Neurology (yellow book), Plum and Posner's Coma, Patten's Differential Diagnosis, etc.
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