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Page: Anesthesia, Analgesia and Surgery
Page: Animal Care Identification and Communication Procedures
Page: Animal Enrichment Database
Page: Animal Fasting Communication
Page: Animals Administered a Hazardous Substance Requiring Containment
Page: End-Stage Illness Scoring System
Page: Entry and Exiting Animal Housing Areas
Page: Environmental Enrichment for Animals SOP
Page: Environmental Enrichment For Nonhuman Primates
Page: Evaluation of Alopecia in Nonhuman Primates
Page: Guidelines and SOP on Tumor Monitoring
Page: Guidelines for Acceptable Methods of Identification and Genotyping of Rodents
Page: Guidelines for Documenting Scientific Justification for Exceeding Cage Densities
Page: Guidelines on Adjuvant Use in Rabbits Rats and Mice
Page: Guidelines on Administration of Substances to Laboratory Animals
Page: Guidelines on Blood Collection
Page: Guidelines on Diluting, Mixing and Compounding Sterile Pharmaceuticals
Page: Guidelines on Experimental Food or Water Restriction or Manipulation in Laboratory Animals
Page: Guidelines on Fire Prevention
Page: Guidelines on Medical Records for Investigative Personnel
Page: Guidelines on Monitoring Aging Rats
Page: Guidelines on Treatment of Ulcerative Dermatitis
Page: Guidelines on Use of Streptozotocin in Rodents
Page: Identifying Single Housed Animals SOP
Page: Laboratory Assume the Feeding and, or Watering of Rodents
Page: Macaque Monkey Bite, Scratch, Exposure Standard Operating Procedures
Page: Obtaining Veterinary Care
Page: Physical Exams for Long Term Rabbits
Page: Procedures for Animal Transportation
Page: Procedures for Campus-Wide Fur Mite Treatment
Page: Procedures for Completion of Veterinary Recommendations
Page: Procedures for Dog, Cat or Ferret Bites or Scratches
Page: Procedures for Nonhuman Primate Socialization
Page: Procedures for Veterinary Medical Records
Page: Quarantine and Conditioning
Page: Rodent Euthanasia Procedures for Investigative Personnel
Page: Rodent Husbandry SOP
Page: Sheep
Page: Standard Charging Procedures for Veterinary Services
Page: Table of Contents
Page: ULAM Policy for Approved Vendors for Rodents and Rabbits
Page: UM Policy on Mouse and Rat Breeding and Cage Densities