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GAMERA is an MSIS-developed collection and configuration of workflow tools used to organize projects, assign work, capture form data, and follow team activity. The tools are combined in various ways to provide different sets of GAMERA services. GAMERA includes interfaces for mobile devices and collectors for gathering data outside the team. Customers use GAMERA for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Information Gathering
  • Forms Processing
  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Customer Requests
  • Problem & Issue Tracking

What does GAMERA include?

GAMERA services include:

  • JIRA as a shared or standalone resource
  • JIRA Agile for Project and Value Stream management
  • Qualtrics - a powerful research tool that goes beyond your typical survey
  • Managed Environment for upgrades
  • Direct assistance in diagnosing issues with the service
  • Assistance with connecting Qualtrics and JIRA for forms processing

Easy to get started - Easy to keep going

  • Free Public Tier service for up to 3 Projects
  • Reasonably priced private instances for more complex needs

GAMERA Services




GAMERA gives you the power to track and assign tasks
using Atlassian JIRA. You can design custom workflows
that help your unit make crucial business processes
visible and measurable.

Use Cases:

  • Problem & Issue Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Workflow for Requests
  • Incident Management
  • Software Development Bug Tracking

GAMERA Communities

A tool is just a tool. But, what makes a tool great is the people and communities wielding it. GAMERA is unique in that we are actively encouraging the community to engage and share business practices, tips, tricks and provide assistance with how best to use the tool for their purpose. The community is also capable of requesting and configuring the product to best suit the needs of the community.

Subscribe to one of the communities below:

Joining a GAMERA Community Group

  1. Click the link corresponding to the community you wish to join.
  2. When the entry appears, in the upper left corner, click the Join Group button.
  3. Authenticate using your uniqname and Level-1 UMICH Password.
  4. Your uniqname will be automatically added as a group member.

To leave the group, follow the same steps but click the Resign button in the upper left corner.

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