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Welcome to the Health Information Technology & Services Knowledgebase wiki!

The Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) group provides consultation, user, and technical services in support of the faculty, staff, and students of the Michigan Medicine community. Working in conjunction with ITS and departmental IT providers, we strive to fulfill the technology needs of the school while evolving support services to best enable education and research.

The Knowledgebase is intended to provide self-help documentation focusing on the Software and Services provided by the Medical School, Health System, and the greater University of Michigan environment. The wiki is constantly updated with new content and new software and services become available or existing ones are upgraded.

The navigation pane on the left side of the window is available on every page and can be collapsed and expanded as needed. The search box in the pane is limited to only search the Knowledgebase. While the search box in the upper right corner can also be used, it will search across the entire wiki rather than only the Knowledgebase, so a better list of results will usually be obtained using the search box to the left. The navigation page also features some popular navigation links to quickly navigate the Knowledgebase. Additionally, special notes of interest may be displayed at the top of the pane.

The panel to the right can be used to navigate the Knowledgebase for specific content by category.

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