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Accessing ULAM MLearning Training

To complete ULAM training, use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Login to MLearning
    • Google chrome is preferred browser
    • Link:
    • You may now use either your Level-1 (U-M network) or Level-2 (Michigan Medicine/Outlook) password.

      Level-2 is the default; to use a Level-1 password choose “Select Alternative Login.”

  • Complete the training
    • Scroll down to view your Learning Plan
    • Click on ULAM class titles to launch online modules or register for an in-person training session.
  • View Training Reports
    • Go to the MLearning Completed Activities menu to view your training completions.
      • Change the From date to your hire date to see all training history.
    • PIs and Lab Contacts – to view incomplete/complete training per protocol, see the Training tab in your eRam protocol workspace.

Training FAQs

"What if I can't login into MLearning or do not see any ULAM training assigned?"
If you will work under an IACUC approved protocol, you must first be added to the protocol's handling details by your Principal Investigator. Once added, IACUC required training will automatically be assigned to you and you will be given access to MLearning. You will receive a confirmation email from MLearning with login and training details.

"What training do I have to complete in order to be added to protocol?"
ULAM online training must be completed first, and is required for approval to the protocol by the Animal Care and Use Office. You have 60 days to complete any in-person training required in order to remain on protocol.

"Where can I view my training due or print my training record?"
Login to MLearning and scroll down to view your Learning Plan of training due. Go to the Completed Activities menu to see completed training and print certificates. You may also view training due, as assigned by protocol, by logging into eRam and viewing the "My Training" tab in your personal workspace.

"Where can I view training due for laboratory members listed on our protocol?"
Login to eRam, in your protocol workspace see the "Training" tab. Investigators and laboratory contacts may view and print reports listing required training due or a record of training for all protocol personnel.

"Do Training Core classes start on 'Michigan Time'?"
No, Training Core workshops meet promptly at the scheduled start time, due to the nature of the training and amount of content covered in the allotted timeframe. Late arrivals will not be able to attend and will be rescheduled for the next available session. If attending for the first-time, we suggest allowing extra time to navigate building and parking considerations; contact the Training Core for assistance.


Contact the ULAM Training Core with questions at (734) 763-8039 or

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