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The Medical School offers some software packages to users associated with University of Michigan Medical School for installation on university-owned workstations. Users are required to have an appointment with the Medical School in order to be eligible to download and install the software.

To access the Medical School Software page and download content, eligible users must first log in to Confluence using the "Log In" link in the upper right corner of this page.

Authenticate with a U-M uniqname and Level-1 UMICH password.

Ineligible users may not be able to log in to Confluence.

See the Eligibility section on this page to determine whether a user should have access to Medical School software.

After logging into Confluence, the link to the Medical School Software page will appear in a grey box in the upper right corner of this page.

Installing Medical School Software on Personal Machines

Software offered by the Medical School is only licensed for UMMS computers and can only be installed on university-owned machines. Medical School software is not available for installation on personal machines. Software for personal computers can be obtained from Computer Showcase for a discounted price. Computer Showcase offerings and prices can be viewed at the following link:

Medical School Software Eligibility

Currently, eligibility for Medical School applications is determined by appointment, not affiliation. In order to download software, software users must be members of UMMS Faculty or Staff. Generally, students are NOT eligible to download software. ITS disabled the ability to look up an individual's group memberships in MCommunity because of privacy concerns, but individuals can determine their own group memberships, which determine eligibility for Medical School applications, in the following manner:

  1. In a browser window, go to the MCommunity page:
  2. Search for your uniqname and then select your name from the Search Results list.
  3. While viewing your entry, click the Groups tab. A list of all group memberships will appear.
  4. At least one of the following groups must appear in the list for the individual to be eligible for Medical School software.
    • UMMS Medical School Faculty
    • UMMS Medical School Staff
    • UMMS Post-Doctoral Fellows

House Officers can also qualify for Medical Software, but may need to contact to obtain access to the download page.

In order to install Medical School software on a workstation, the requester must be an administrator of the machine. Machines assigned a TermID number (CoreImage workstations) are managed by MCIT and generally users will not have the ability to install software. MCIT has packages of some Medical School applications that can be pushed to Core machines; a list is available in the MCIT Packages for Core Workstations section at the bottom of this page.

Applications are only available to individual users!

Medical School software cannot be installed on public or shared machines. An individual is not permitted to use a uniqname to install software on any machine that is not that individual's dedicated machine. This installation would not be in compliance with existing licensing agreements.

Medical School Software Usage

The applications offered by the Medical School are keyed unless otherwise indicated. The KeyClient software, listed at the top of the software list, must be downloaded and installed on the computer in addition to any application software (unless otherwise noted). The KeyClient establishes a connection with the KeyServer when the application is launched. If a license is available, the KeyServer releases a license to the KeyClient and the application will proceed to load. Note that this procedure requires keyed applications to have a network connection in order to launch. Please visit the KeyServer page for troubleshooting information.

Additionally, only machines on the greater University of Michigan campus network will be allowed to launch the software. If the user needs to use the software from offsite, a VPN client will also need to be installed on the machine. Additional information about VPN client software is available on the VPN page.

Packages for Core Workstations

Many of the applications available through the Medical School have corresponding packages that can be "pushed" to Core workstations containing the keyed version of the software. Note, however, that users are required to have an appointment with the Medical School in order to be eligible to use this software. Users affiliated with the hospital system without a Medical School appointment are not permitted to use the Medical School software by the current licensing agreements.

Click the link in the yellow box to the right to display a list of all software available for CoreImage machines.

Medical School Software offered as CoreImage Packages

Some of the titles listed in this panel are only available to Medical School personnel:

Acrobat X Professional
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe Indesign CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6

DNAStar Lasergene
EndNote X7.5
Graphpad Prism 6.0

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