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  • MiCORES - Biomedical Research Core Facilities Services
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MiCORES is an iLab Solutions system used by Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF) to perform ordering, billing, and scheduling of scientific products and services. As of 8/9/2016, the following Cores are supported:

  • Bioinformatics Core
  • Epigenomics Core
  • Flow Cytometry Core
  • Metabolomics Core
  • Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory
  • Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core
  • Sample Preservation Freezer (Freezer Farm)
  • Transgenic Animal Model Core
  • Vector Core

MiCORES can be accessed at the following link with a Level-1 (UMICH) password:

PDF Quick start guide here!

Accessing MiCORES
  • U-M faculty, staff, and students can access MiCORES with their university credentials.
  • External faculty and staff who use iLab Solutions / Agilent CrossLab at their "home" institution can access the U-M instance using their "home" credentials.  
  • Individuals associated with the University of Michigan without university credentials and without "home" institution credentials will need to obtain a sponsored account through the MCommunity Sponsor System managed by ITS. Please send a request to for assistance obtaining a sponsored account.

Problems with Registration

Some accounts, especially those of individuals involved in the earlier setup and testing, are missing an authentication context. iLab Solutions can resolve the issue. To begin a support ticket with iLab Solutions, click this email template link.

  1. With a web browser, go to the following link:
  2. Click the link labelled here.

  3. After the WebLogin screen loads, authenticate with a uniqname and Level-1 (Kerberos) password.

  4. If prompted regarding sharing personal information with the IT Service Provider, click the Confirm button.
  5. When logging in for the first time, the iLab Account Registration screen will appear. Supply the requested information, particularly a PI and phone number if not present, and click the register button. The PI field determines which cores will be available.

  6. On initial login, when the home screen appears for the first time, choose the correct time zone and click update time zone.

    Registration Demonstration Video:

Requesting Access to Additional Cores
  1. After logging in to MiCORES, in the lefthand menu under the core facilities heading, click the list all cores link.

  2. The screen will display a list of Core Facilities at University of Michigan. Select a core from the list of cores.
    • If the current account does not have access to the core, the page will indicate the core requires an additional access request to use the core. Fill the provided field with any additional information and click the Send access request button.
    • If the current account has access to the core, the home page for the core will load.
      • To learn more about the available services, click the about tab.
      • To request services, click the request services tab.
      • For cores with equipment, click the schedule equipment tab.

Placing MiCORES Service Requests

The following sequence is the general work flow for placing service requests:

  1. The customer logs into MiCORES and places a request with the core.
  2. The core provides a quote for the services requested.
  3. The customer logs into MiCORES and agrees to the work and projected cost(quote).
  4. If necessary, the Principal Investigator or a Financial Administrator review the request.
  5. The core completes the work and bills the researcher.
  6. If appropriate, summary results are made available for download through MiCORES.

    Service Request Demonstration Video:

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Commented out until iLab Solutions produces new manuals - links broken as of 02/20/2017


Core Type





Basic Manual

Scheduling Cores

Flow Cytometry

Scheduling Manual

Support Contacts
Ordering, Scheduling, General Use

For proper use, internal processes, and support, contact the administrator of the specific core:

Contact the MSIS Solutions Center Service Desk

Email support

Phone support

(734) 763-7770

Web submission

Accounting and Billing Issues

Cassandra Wong

Anitha Chennat

Problems with the Service

For normal issues with unexpected technical failures, submit a ticket to the iLab Solutions support group:

Web submission

Phone support

(617) 297-2805

Email support

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