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  • Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password Reset
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Before Changing Your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password


Take stock of any devices that may access UMHS resources, including mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, smart watches, or personal/non-UMHS computers. Any device which connects to UMHS wireless networks or email will need to have your new password entered.

To avoid locking out your account, first disable or clear any saved passwords on these devices. After resetting your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password, you will to enter need to enter the new password on these devices.

Failure to clear out saved passwords and disable accounts using the following instructions may result in the account being locked due to repeated bad password attempts.

Once the account is locked, you will be unable to access any UMHS systems, including logging into a CoreImage computer, MiChart, UMHS Exchange/Outlook accounts, and any other service that uses your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password.

If you can no longer authenticate with your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password, you must call the Service Desk at 734-936-8000 and select option 3 to unlock your account.

Clearing Saved Passwords

Be sure to follow the instructions for each applicable situation!

Changing your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password

After disabling any mobile devices and/or secondary computers, use the following instructions to change your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password:

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