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HITS supports a variety of smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), including both the Palm-based Treo, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile devices, and iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. We support synchronization of email with ITS (blue or maize) email, ITS Exchange, and Michigan Medicine Exchange. Supported calendaring systems include ITS Exchange and Michigan Medicine Exchange.

HITS will gladly consult with users on the use and implementation of other hardware and software solutions. Please contact our office and allow us to recommend the solution that will work best for you before purchasing any PDA device.

Smartphone/Mobile Device Security Policy Settings and Restrictions

UMHS has implemented the following guidelines to protect personal, corporate and sensitive data. Policies will be enforced once you have activated your device to a service, and prior to any data being downloaded. For example, you will be required to set up a device password prior to your mailbox getting synchronized to your smartphone or mobile device. The UMHS Passcode Security Reqiuirements are as follows:

  • Passcode length = 6 (this could be all numbers or alphanumeric)
  • Passcode history = 13 (each time a passcode is set, the previous thirteen entries are recorded, so a new unique value must be used)
  • Passcode age = 365 days (after which a new passcode must be set)
  • Number of failed login attempts prior to device wipe = 10
  • Auto lock = at least 5 minutes (user can select a more secure value)
  • Grace period before lock = at least 5 minutes (user can select a more secure value)

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