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  • Remote Access to Workstations
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Remote Desktop tools on devices with the potential to be located outside the UMHS network are not currently supported for providing access workstations located on the UMHS network. MSIS Solutions Center staff understand there are legitimate business needs for this functionality and are actively seeking solutions to address this need. However, in our opinion, current solutions do not have reliable performance nor the correct balance of security and compliance requirements at national, state, Health System, and University levels.

Nevertheless, there are unsupported solutions for remote access. Currently, the UMHS network does not directly prohibit or support remote desktop protocols (RDPs). Solutions Center staff can provide assistance with setting up the necessary components for remote access, such as providing static IP addresses and offering recommendations regarding remote desktop protocol (RDP) connections and the handling of confidential data, such as patient health information (PHI) and Internal Review Board (IRB) data. However, staff will be unable to provide installation, configuration, training, or assistance with regard to the functionality of any particular remote access application.

We recommend storing data on the university file servers, which are designed to be accessible from computers both inside and outside the UMHS network. Information on connecting to various file servers can be found on the File Storage page.