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Service Event Notifications

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MSIS provides opt-in email groups to allow those interested to receive event notifications regarding certain services. By joining a group, you will receive notifications when a service has an outage or is scheduled for downtime due to maintenance. The table on this page lists the various services with their corresponding opt-in groups. The Service Management group manages the opt-in groups.

To receive email notifications regarding a particular service, Join the appropriate notifications group in the online MCommunity directory:

  1. Launch a web browser and go to the MCommunity page:
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Log In link and authenticate with your Level-1 UMICH Password (Level-1) password.
  3. When the page reloads, your name should now appear in the upper right corner. Search for the MCommunity Group associated with the service for which you wish to receive notifications.
  4. In the results list, click the MCommunity Group name.
  5. When the Group Info page loads, in the upper left corner, click the Join Group button. After a moment, you will see that you "Successfully joined the group".

To leave a group, follow the same procedure, but click the Resign button instead.

Service Related Applications/Services MCommunity Group Notes
AFibMobile   umms-afibmobile-notifications Dr. Ghanbari mobile app on MSIS VM (Linux) supported by Logic Solutions.
AMCAS   umms-amcas-notifications  
Antares UMHS Resin App Deploy umms-resin-deploy-users  
BioDBX   umms-biodbx-notifications  
Bomgar   umms-bomgar-notifications Reflects current users of Bomgar appliance
Child Care Providers Services   umms-childcareproviders-notifications Andrew Hashikawa web based Child Care Provider for the project.

Hosted on ITS servers, but coordinated through MSIS.
Confluence File Storage / BlueArc umms-confluence-notifications Nested in umms-filestorage-notifcations as a group
Scheduled events also listed on the Confluence Dashboard
CORECT   umms-corect-notifications  
Crucible+FishEye   umms-crucible-fisheye-notifications  
DataDirect SOA, RDW, Waveform umms-datadirect-notifications 2014-09 Supports Research (SOA, RDW, Waveform)
DataGuard dataguard umms-dataguard-notifications  
DeanTrack   umms-deantrack-notifications  
DataVirt MedBus, DataDirect, RDW, Waveform (supported by Sachin Kheterphal's group) umms-rh-datavirt-notifications 2015-02 Supports Research (SOA, RDW, etc.) - (Linux)
DvMax ULAM EMR umms-dvmax-notifications (Windows)
Elso   umms-elso-notifications  
Emerse   umms-emerse-notifications  
Encore   umms-encore-notifications  
Engage   umms-engage-registry-notifications  
File Storage BlueArc
FileMaker Server   umms-filemaker-notifications  
Finarchi Database   umms-finarchi-notifications  
fMRI Hampstead Virtual Machine infrastructure, NetApp Hampstead Research Lab  (Linux)
FreezerWorks   umms-freezerworks-notifications Subgroup of umms-virtualization-notifications  (Windows)
Git Versioning Service Version Control umms-git-notifications  
Help Me Now - Reg Affairs   umms-helpmenow-regaffairs-notifications  
Help Me Now - NCRC   umms-helpmenow-ncrc-notifications  
Help Me Now - THSL   umms-helpmenow-thsl-notifications  
Honest Broker   umms-honest-broker-notifications  
HBO Parat   umms-hbo-parat-notifications  
IVAC Image Capture System LDAP umms-ivacics-notifications  
Java Servlet Resin
umms-javaservlet-notifications Includes umms-borc-resin-notifications, umms-michr-resin-notifications, and umms-msais-resin-notifications
JIRA (All Instances) File Storage / BlueArc umms-jira-notifications  
JIRA (Non-IT Instance)   umms-nonitjira-notification  
JIRA (Health Systems Compliance Office Instance)   umms-compljira-notification  
JIRA (ITS)   its-jira-notifications  
JIRA (DOCTR)   umms-hbo-jira-notifications  
JIRA (CBR)   umms-cbr-jira-notifications  
JIRA (Finance MSF)   umms-finmsf-jira-notifications  
Learning Access Management System
Login(abram) File Storage / BlueArc umms-abram-login-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations
Login(antares) File Storage / BlueArc umms-antares-login-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations
Login(parotid) File Storage / BlueArc umms-parotid-login-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations
Login(pineal) File Storage / BlueArc umms-pineal-login-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations
Managed Apple Devices   umms-managed-apple-device-notifications  
Managed Windows Devices   umms-managed-windows-device-notifications  
Marquee / Digital Signs   umms-marquee-its-notifications  
MBECT eResearch Load
Subgroup of umms-virtualization-notifications
mcruapps   umms-mcruapps-notifications  
MedBus DataDirect, RDW, Waveform (supported by Sachin Kheterphal's group) umms-medbus-notifications Subgroup of umms-virtualization-notifications

MiPET   umms-mipet-notifications (Linux)
NBME / Shelf Exam Support   umms-nbme-notifications Group to communicate NBME / Shelf exam problems and notices
Netscaler   umms-netscaler-notifications  
OpenClinica   umms-openclinica-notifications  
Open.Michigan   umms-openmichigan-notifications  
Patella database MSIS software development umms-patella-db-notifications  
Pediatric Cardiology   umms-pedcarpr-database-notifications  
Population Core   umms-popcore-notifications  
Premiere Global Adobe Connect umms-premiere-global-notifications  
Question Mark Qmprod
umms-qmark-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations
QUICCC IVR   umms-quiccc-notifications Subgroup of umms-virtualization-notifications (Linux)
CRM, Aspect Prophecy and CXP
RDE database   umms-borc-db-notifications BORC/SABRE database
REDCap   umms-redcap-notifications  
Resin(BORC) File Storage / BlueArc umms-borc-resin-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations and umms-javaservlet-notifications
Resin(MICHR) File Storage / BlueArc umms-michr-resin-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations and umms-javaservlet-notifications
Resin(MS-AIS) File Storage / BlueArc umms-msais-resin-notifications Subgroup of umms-filestorage-notifcations and umms-javaservlet-notifications
RETA   umms-reta-notifications CCC-CTO and CCI
RIBS   umms-ribs-notifications  
Scap   umms-scap-db-notices umms-scap-id-notifications  
Schedulon   umms-schedulon-notifications Depends on MCIT Gold Infrastructure
SharePoint   umms-sharepoint-notification  
Smart Vue Freezer Monitoring umms-smartvue-notifications Subgroup of umms-virtualization-notifications
Subversion Version Control umms-svn-notifications  
Teres   umms-teres-notifications  
TranSMART   umms-transmart-notifications  
Van Andel Tissue Repository   umms-vatr-notifications  
Velos   umms-velos-notifications  
Version Control   umms-version-control-notifications Includes umms-git-notifications and umms-svn-notifications
Vidyo   umms-vidyo-notifications  
Virtual Microscope / Virtual Slides   umms-virtual-slides-notifications  
Virtualization   umms-virtualization-notifications  
VistA for Education   umms-vista-notifications
Waveform DataDirect, RDW, MedBus umms-waveform-notifications 2014-09 Supports Research (DataDirect, RDW, MedBus)
(Linux - have to confirm)
Worpress (Master) Notifications   umms-wordpress-notifications Created 8/29 after outage affecting master server
Xythos   umms-xythos-notifications  
Zendesk   umms-zendesk-notifications Includes issc-all and lrc help issues as subgroups
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