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UMHS-8021X wireless network is a “level-2” WiFi network. A connection to UMHS-8021X allows your device to have access to many hospital resources that are only available on the UMHS domain. Examples include:

  • Network shared drives
  • Internal webpages
  • Printers
  • And More

Only managed devices can connect and access the UMHS-8021x wireless network. A computer or mobile device will either need to be a CoreImage device, or have AirWatch enrolled, to have the criteria required to connect to UMHS-8021X. Personal Devices that are not yet enrolled in AirWatch will not be able to connect to the UMHS-8021X network.


There is a wireless network similar to UMHS-8021X called MFleet. This WiFi network allows the same access to hospital resources as UMHS-8021X, and is also a part of the UMHS domain. This network however is only available for CoreImage devices.

Connection Overview

Mac Computers

When connecting to UMHS-8021X for the first time, it will ask for a user name and password. Leave these blank. Instead select the drop down box above labeled Mode and select EAP-TLS. Another drop down menu will appear, identity, select the option with your uniqname (should be at the bottom). Next a new credentials box will appear. This box is asking for your computer’s user name and password (the same username/password you log into the computer with).

Detailed instructions with pictures: See More...

Windows Computers

CoreImage Windows machines will automatically be able to connect. Non-CoreImage Windows devices will need to be enrolled with AirWatch. These devices may ask for a password when connecting to the UMHS-8021X WiFi for the first time. Do not enter your credentials. Instead, click on the blue text below that says “use certificate”.

Mobile Devices

Phones and Tablets of both Android and Apple varieties require AirWatch to connect to the UMHS-8021X wifi. Once AirWatch is installed and enrolled on the device, the UMHS-8021X wifi should automatically be joined on your device. No addition setup should be required.