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Cisco AnyConnect provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity for a number of platforms, including the iOS platform used by iPhones and iPads. The AnyConnect client is also commonly called the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility VPN Client.

The UMHS network has its own VPN server that specifically controls access to UMHS protected resources. Access to these protected resources is not available to users with only Level-1 accounts. Remote/offsite VPN access to the UMHS network is limited to users who have a Level-2 account, or an "active UMHS VPN account", and are enrolled in Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

A "Michigan Medicine VPN account" is not a Level-2 account and does not give access to other health system resources such as Outlook Exchange, CoreImage workstations, and NAS file systems.

Users who currently have Level-2 accounts do not need a "Michigan Medicine VPN account".

For users who need VPN access but who do not currently have an active Michigan Medicine VPN account, please contact for assistance in obtaining an active VPN access account. 

All users must be enrolled in Duo Two-Factor Authentication. For users who are not yet enrolled in Duo Two-Factor Authentication, please follow the enrollment instructions. If you are off the medical campus, first call the Service Desk at 6-8000 to request a temporary VPN token code and use that code to login to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN and access the enrollment instructions.


  • Computers that have more than 1 VPN client installed on them can cause problems with our VPN
  • Our VPN will not accept the following characters in a Level 1 password
    •  " ' - / \ ! # * % & ^ = .
  •  If a user's Level 2 account is disabled, we block their access to VPN (even though VPN takes Level 1 password), per Mark Tennant.  So make sure their Level 2 account is not locked.

CoreImage Users

All CoreImage workstations have Cisco AnyConnect included as part of Windows 7. Additional information is available on the VPN - Cisco AnyConnect for CoreImage Devices page.

Web Download

The VPN installers provided through HITS can be downloaded from the following link using Level-1 (UMICH) credentials:

Installers by Platform

If the Web Download link does not work, installers can also be downloaded using the following links after logging into Confluence with Level-1 (UMICH) credentials. A login prompt will appear, if needed, after clicking one of the following links.

Installing DUO

Using DUO and troubleshooting (pdf)

MLearning Access
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