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  • iOS - Wireless Network Configuration
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There are two wireless networks in the Health System that are compatible with the iOS devices:

  • UMHS-8021X Preferred wireless network with access to Michigan Medicine .Effective April 27, 2017, personal mobile devices without AirWatch will be unable to access the UMHS-8021X  wireless network.
  • MWireless-UMHS is an alternative network but with no access to Michigan Medicine resources. MWireless-UMHS uses UMICH Active Directory password. Your Level1/UMICH password is synchronized to Active Directory for you.  If you have not changed your UMICH password since 2012, when password synchronization began, you may have an Active Directory password that is different from your UMICH password. If that is the case, we recommend that you change your UMICH password so it can be synchronized to Active Directory.


Effective April 27, 2017, personal mobile devices without AirWatch will be unable to access the 8021X-UMHS wireless network.

Click here for instructions to enroll.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Verify Wi-Fi is On.
  4. Tap MWireless-UMHS.

  5. Enter your uniqname in the Username field.
  6. Enter your Level1/UMICH password in the Password field.

  7. Tap Join.
  8. Tap Accept on the Certificate screen.

Troubleshooting Tips
It may be necessary to turn your iPhone WiFi off and back on in order to connect the first time.