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8-Part Process

1. Individualized Care

What impacts a child's pain experience?  How can staff and caregivers treat pain and anxiety in a way that promotes coping skills patients and families can use for a lifetime.  Individualizing a plan gives the child a choice and a voice and promotes patient and family-centered care.

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2. Honoring Choices

Choices give a child some control which fosters cooperation and trust.  How well staff connect on a personal level with the child contributes to the success of a procedure.  Following a Poke Plan and honoring choices conveys this concept.  It also provides the child with control over some of their healthcare.

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3. Distraction

Distraction can be as simple as counting, singing or taking a deep breath.  Distraction helps a child and and parent feel less anxious about the poke and helps a child recover faster.  Learn how the the Poke Program encourages children and parents to use distraction to help them cope.

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4. Positioning

U-M staff work with patients and families to keep children comfortable and calm. The Poke Program advocates for positions of comfort that support safe procedures and pokes. Positioning play an important role in reducing stress with procedures and needlesticks.

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5. Parent Coach Teach Skills for Coping

Children can benefit from an adult's help and encouraging words. With a little assistance from staff, parents and caregivers can be successful coaches and helpers.

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6. Best Words

One calm, soft voice speaks volumes when it comes to coping with painful procedures and needle pokes. Knowing how to prepare children and what and how much to say can be quite challenging!  Here is assistance from the experts on choosing words that help.

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7. Drugs & Devices

Pain management using local anesthetics, devices and stimulation can be an important part of reduing pain and anxiety.  This information will help to sort out what is available and how it works.

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8. Preparation

You know the scouting motto, "Always be prepared!"  Preparation before, during and after the needlestick poke or procedure is essential.  Maybe you have a future in scouting?

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