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To be referenced when building IR LED Strips


The LED strips are received in a 5-meter long spool:

The strip is composed of 3-LED "three-segments" which can be cut and separated. You can only cut the strip along the segment dividers. Circled below.

Additionally, every 10 three-segments (containing a total of 30 LEDs) there is a thicker silver divider that can also be cut. I refer to this as a "ten-block". This is shown below circled in yellow:

These are useful for counting groups of 10. You can cut at both the three-segments and the ten-blocks, but be careful to make the cut as centered as possible. If your cut is too off-center, the pads on one side of the strip will be too small to attach a connector.

To more easily dispense the LED strips, I suggest building a spool holder like this (although this step is optional):

Step-by-step guide

  1. Cutting the strips:
    1. A single infrared LED strip for a BB contains 41 three-segments, for a total of 123 LEDs. From a 5-meter long spool of LEDs, two complete BB IR strips can be cut, with 18 three-segments left to spare.
      1. For the first BB IR Strip on a fresh 5-meter roll, count 4 ten-blocks (so you have 40 three-segments) and then go one three-segment further (to get 41). Cut here.
      2. For the second BB IR Strip, you should have 9 three-segments until the first ten-block. Starting at this first ten-block, count 3 more ten-blocks (giving you 39). Go 2 three-segments further, and then cut here.
      3. You should have 18 three-segments remaining at the end of the roll. Detach them from the spool, and set them aside for now. Once you have done 3 5-meter spools, you'll have enough sets of 18 to make another complete BB IR Strip.
  2. Attaching the power connectors:
    1. The first BB IR Strip on a fresh 5-meter roll includes two wires already attached, as shown.  For this BB IR Strip, you can skip the creation of a connector shown in step (b), and proceed directly to attaching the "Female Barrel Jack to Screw Terminal" connector in step (c). For any BB IR Strips later on the roll, you must create the connectors.
    2.  Here are some connectors for the LED strips that are included with the purchase of the strips. They should be located in the box with the spools, or can be purchased directly from the supplier. The most common connector is shown on the right of the picture. It should be cut in half to form two usable connectors:, the ends should then be stripped, as shown:
    3.  Attach a "Female Barrel Jack to Screw Terminal" connector to the red and black wires. The red wire is the anode (plus) and the black is the ground (minus). Make sure the polarity (+ and -) match on the barrel jack's screw terminals. This barrel jack is how the LED strip will receive 12V power.
    4. Open up the white end as shown, and insert the appropriate end of the LED strip. The polarity (+ and -) again must match.
  3. Bend the BB IR LED Strips in the following pattern: Bends (three-segments): 3, 13, 8-9, 12-13 to form the shape of the back wall of the box.

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