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For a given stepper Motor there are two coils inside, each needing 2 output wires (for a total of 4 output wires)

Each pair of wires belongs to the left/right end of a single coil inside the motor called a "phase".

The wires must be grouped appropriately for the stepper to work, but the order within a group determine the direction of stepper motor rotation (clockwise/counterclockwise).

Notes (May 6, 2019):

Stepper motors use the most current when they're idle! They require current to remain fixed in place.

Our motors get very hot, up to 130 degrees F with the 12V 2A adapter.
They typically require being fixed to a metal chassis that cools them.
The temp-testing for the external box didn't have running motors inside, meaning our cooling solution may not be adequate.

- The Pellet Distributor Modern 8 design slips ever-so-slightly on the shaft. This induces a slight phase offset. Seems only fixable by properly mounting them to the shaft. This seems to be responsible for many of the phase offset problems, and for the failed vends, but not for the "jamming".

- The part that sticks up for the screws to be inserted into (the rim of the hole) on the top might not be dimensioned correctly.

- The motor mount hole is too small. I think the problem may have occurred when trying to get it to socket into the top part. The previous versions seem to be sized correctly.

-- With the screws screwed all the way down, the right wheel seems to be working correctly even when powered just from the USB. This wheel did have some blue mounting putty in it, but I took this out earlier, and just the reminants are left.

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Stepper Motor CoilStepper Motor Wire ColorsMotor Screw Terminal
Stepper Motor 0Phase 0GreenM1
BlackM1 (Closest to Center)
Phase 1BlueM2 (Closest to Center)

Stepper Motor CoilStepper Motor Wire ColorsMotor Screw Terminal
Stepper Motor 1Phase 0GreenM3
BlackM3 (Closest to Center)
Phase 1BlueM4 (Closest to Center)