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Modified from I.Cerda Thesis:

To chronically track food and water consumption and preference, nose-pokes must be detected at the four water or food dispensing ports located inside the mouse cage. To that end, our system employs four Beambreak Assemblies, one at each dispensing port, comprised of an optical switch photointerruptor relying on infrared light (Mouser Electronics), a male 3-pin connector that interfaces with the female connectors of the Motor Shield Assembly, and a 220 Ω current-limiter resistor to protect the infrared LED. When the mouse introduces its nose in one of the ports fitted with the photointerruptor, the assembly generates a digital output signal that is picked up by the Motor Shield Assembly and it triggers the corresponding dispensing action as outlined in the Arduino-Motor Shield Construct section.

Name: Port Beambreak Assembly

Shortname: Port Beambreak



"PWR"Red wire, 5V Power
"GND"Green wire, GND
"SIG"White wire, Signal


A complete beambreak assembly to detect nosepokes in one of the ports.

Connects to the Motorshield Assembly via the Male 3-Pin Connector.


IR Beambreak Sensor Analog Value Ranges: (Testing done on August 8th, 2019)

IR LEDs Off:
4:28pm, 8/8/2019 Sunlight: 4.921
Black Side over sensor: 0.0222
Gold Side over sensor: 4.9218

4:28pm, 8/8/2019 Sunlight: 4.920
Black Side over sensor: 4.921
Gold Side over sensor: 4.922



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