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When building the beambreak circuitry for the running wheel.


Labjack-to-Running-Wheel Cable:

One end of this cable connects to the Labjack's CIO1, VS, and GND ports. The other connects to the Running-Wheel-Beambreak-Sensor via its Male 3-Pin Connector


Step-by-step guide

  1. Cut two piece of black 3 x 45 mm heat-shrink tubing in half 
  2. Push three of the pieces of tubing all the way to the connector end of a Female 3-Pin Connector
  3. Snip of the very tips of the 3 wires of the Female 3-Pin Connector
  4. Then strip them as shown:
  5. Take the end of the 3 Conductor Wire and strip it. Twist the appropriate wires together as shown in the pictures and solder them. 
  6. After letting the solder cool for a few seconds, slide the heat-shrink tubing over the connection, and shrink it with a lighter. 
  7. Do the same for the other two wires: 


This component is contained within the running wheel dome and connects to the Labjack-to-Running-Wheel cable via its Female 3-Pin Connector.

3mm IR Beambreak

Step-by-step guide

  1. Tape the wires of 3mm IR Beambreak together so they can easily fit through the slot in the Running Wheel Dome.
  2. Feed the taped wires through, as shown: 
  3. The final position of the beambreak in the dome should be like this: 
  4. Take the Male 3-Pin Connector and strip its wires. Add heat-shrink tubing as was done on the Female 3-Pin Connector.
  5. Connect the two black wires of the 3mm IR Beambreak to the Male 3-Pin Connector's green wire. 
  6. Connect the two red wires of the 3mm IR Beambreak and the Male 3-Pin Connector's red wire to one leg of a 10K resistor.  
  7. Connect the two white wires of the 3mm IR Beambreak and the Male 3-Pin Connector's white wire to the other leg of the 10K resistor.
  8. Tape the wires to the inside of the igloo as shown. 

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Running Wheel Beambreak - "red"
Data Collection Assembly (Labjack) - "VS"
Running Wheel Beambreak - "green"
Data Collection Assembly (Labjack) - "GND"
Running Wheel Beambreak - "white"
Data Collection Assembly (Labjack) - "CIO0"

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  1. 3/4/21 Red wire goes to VS, GREEN wire goes to AIN0, Black + Metal wire together go to GND