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AssemblyAn "assembly" is made up of one or more parts
PartA "part" is the smallest working physical unit of the project. It refers to either a "purchased component", or a "modified component".
Purchased ComponentAn unmodified physical piece that has been purchased from a vendor.
Modified ComponentA purchased component that has been modified after being received from the vendor before it will be used.

Electronic PartsParts with power running to or through them
Solenoid Valve that opens and allows water to flow from the water reservoir to the water dispenser in the cage when the mouse activates the corresponding infrared sensor.
Infrared Sensors

Composed of a photo-interrupter breakout board which has the infrared beam-break sensor, and an attached male three-pin connector.


To monitor internal temperature and humidity from outside the exterior encasement.

Pellet dispenser Chute

The hexagonal cylinder that the food pellets slide down to be delivered to the mouse. 

Individual Pellet Dispense DiskThe disc with holes around the circumference that is rotated by a stepper motor to distribute the food pellets.

Hardware Components

Parts that contribute to the structure of the box and have not been 3D printed.

External Encasement

The outermost box constructed of white ¾ Foam PVC

Acrylic Light Diffuser Panel

Translucent acrylic panel to diffuse the infrared LEDs to evenly illuminate the infrared camera

Diffuser Panel SupportsSupports for the acrylic light diffuser panel that keep the panel securely in place and at the correct angle to provide even illumination
Light-Tight Air Vent

Vent to provide air circulation in the encasement while providing a light-isolated environment.

Animal Cage BaseThe floor and sides of the murine home environment.
Animal Cage LidThe covering of the murine home environment.
Water Reservoir

The 10[mL] container that holds the murine water supply.

Diagram of Information and Power Obtained from Ivo Cerda Thesis: