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  • Mixed Clinic & Consults (Focus on Stroke Coverage)
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This 2-week rotation consists of a week of clinic and a week of consults with a focus on stroke coverage. Double check the schedule to see which week you start with. There are no weekend responsibilities!

The clinic rotation consists of general neurology, neuromuscular, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and movement disorders. The purpose of this rotation is to see subspecialty patients and then inherit them into your long term continuity clinic. Note that this is a new rotation during the 2021-2022 academic year and replaces the previous MIXED CLINIC model.

Note that during the subspecialty clinic days the patient's may be listed under generic provider names such as "Neu mu resident 3" or "TC neu epilepsy resident 3" or "TC neu MS resident." If in doubt, please contact the attending to determine which patients you will be seeing. After the visit please move the patient from the generic provider resource to your name, and make sure on the check out section of Michart to note that the patient should follow-up in your continuity clinic.








Cognitive (Seraji)

(one NP, two RVs - may not have until August 2021)

General Neuro (Gelb)


Epilepsy (Harris)

or if Harris unavailable, General with Bridget Cornett

Botox Clinic (Spears)


General Neuro (Lorincz)

Neuromuscular (London)

Epilepsy (Selwa)

Lumbar Puncture / MS (Romeo)

Movement (Spears)

A note about changing the provider in the clinic schedule:

After you see your patient, you should change the provider under which the patient is scheduled - this is a nuance required of MiChart. On the schedule tab where the patient appointment time is listed, click the button above that says "Change Prov" and enter in your own name. Do this ONLY after you have physically seen the patient in clinic - if it is done prematurely (i.e. the evening before because you're trying to consolidate your schedule) the clinic schedulers will think that the clinic is not filled, and they will refill the generic provider resource with more patients.

LP Clinic Resources 

LP Checklists

CSF Volumes for Labs