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  • Nightfloat Junior (Replaces Dayfloat)
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Nightfloat Junior Responsibilities:

  • Arrives in 4A conference room at 4:30PM every day, Sunday - Friday. Has Saturday night off. 
  • Responsible for all consults, strokes, and phone calls from 5PM-8PM every day, and cross-cover on Sundays
  • Second call for cross-cover between 5PM-8PM on weekdays (held by Nurse Practitioner)
  • First call for cross-cover between 8PM-4AM
  • Can split consults, phone calls, and strokes with Nightfloat Senior until 2AM
  • Can split cross-cover with Nightfloat Senior until 4AM, at discretion of both Nightfloat residents
  • Leaves whenever all consults are completed, but no sooner than 2AM and no later than 4AM.
  • Don't forget to email the wards team for new admissions and the consult team for consults that need to be seen by an attending the next day. CC your nighfloat senior on these messages

Summary of Coverage Responsibilities/Workflow

Weekdays (M - F):

  • 4:30-5:00PM: receive hand-offs from all services
    • cover stroke pager (ED and inpatient): take stroke pager from NICU/QI at 5:00PM
    • cover consult pager: cover 34744 with your pager at 5:00PM
    • receive signout for cross-cover from Ward Jr, Psychiatry intern, Neurohospitalist, and NICU resident (or attending if no resident is covering)
      • NP will be first contact for cross-cover, but you should be there to get verbal signout as well
    • receive signout from CS1 and CS2 re: remaining active consults, pending studies, and anticipated disposition
  • 5:00PM-8:00PM
    • respond to ALL stroke activations  (staff case with stroke attending/fellow, then send note and staff with Consult attending on call if formal consult requested)
    • see all new consults (ED and inpatient)
    • follow up old consults if necessary (update recs or admit, pending completion of studies)
    • see all admissions (late scheduled admits, accepted OSH transfers, admits from consult team or clinics)
    • NP will be primary contact for inpatient cross-cover during this time. Backup NP for all cross-cover (Team A, Team B; for NICU, see below)
    • phone calls
  • 8:00PM: hand-off consult pager to Nightfloat senior, take cross-cover signout from NP
    • Can split strokes, consults, and phone calls with Nightfloat senior (as triaged by senior) until 2AM
  • 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM
    • Nightfloat senior will be solely responsible for any new strokes, consults, phone calls
    • Nightfloat junior will finish up consult notes/admits and sign out cross-cover to Nighfloat senior
    • Nighfloat junior will send updated email signout on consult follow-ups to CS1, CS2, and Nighfloat senior, as well as signout on admits to admitting team (WS or Hospitalist)
  • 4:00 AM - 8:00 AM
    • Nighfloat senior assumes all responsibilities

Sunday schedule only differs in that Nighfloat Junior is first call for cross-cover between 5-8PM, as NP is off on weekends.


ARCHIVAL (OUT-OF-DATE) SCHEDULE OF WEEKEND COVERAGE (these graphics are just so nice)

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