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As part of new hire orientation, employees should receive a packet of information containing account information, including account IDs and passwords, for the various computing systems that will be utilized. Requests for access to other systems should be made through the employee's manager/supervisor.

To reset your UMICH (Level-1) and/or Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password, from a CoreImage workstation or laptop, click on the "keys" icon (). It can be found by clicking on Start > All Programs > Change UMHS Password (Level-2). For further assistance, please contact Service Desk by filling out the online request form, or calling (734) 936-8000.


An online access request system ("ARWeb") has been developed to assist in submitting requests for access to various systems. The ARWeb system is accessible only for staff designated as Authorized Signers.

Access ARWeb System (for Authorized Signers only)

You will need a Remedy sign-on ID and password to access the ARWeb system. Account Administration will provide these to you when you become an Authorized Signer.

The ARWeb system will:

  • Allow only authorized personnel to submit requests;
  • Allow all transactions to be performed online;
  • Help in processing requests in a timely manner, allowing more than one person at a time to work on a request;
  • Provide automatically generated acknowledgements that will be e-mailed to the authorized signer.

Account Requests for Applications/Systems

U-M Health System employees who need an account to access UMHS computer systems should make the request to their manager or supervisor.

Managers and supervisors who are Authorized Signers should submit a request using the ARWeb form. Managers and supervisors who are not Authorized Signers should contact the Authorized Signer for their area.


The ARWeb form requires authentication and can only be used by Authorized Signers.

Authorized Signers can use the form referenced above to:

  • Request access to various systems including MiChart, UMHS e-mail, Digimedics (WORX), Core image workstations/laptops, NAS (UMHS file services), Omnicell, TraceVue, Centricity, etc.
  • Request Uniqname creation

Account Requests for FaxServer

All new requests for a FaxServer account should be submitted via the FaxServer Account Request form. To learn more about the FaxServer, please visit: FaxServer Information.

If the computer system you need access to is not listed above, please submit a Change Request using the Service Desk online request form.

For further assistance, please call the Service Desk at (734) 936-8000.

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